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Name:Alyona "Al" Shostakov
Birthdate:Jun 28
Location:Newark, New Jersey, United States of America
There are some mutants who change world events. Then there are some who make it week to week, check to check, when they can find work - legitimate or otherwise. There are some who have stunning displays of badassery and superpowers seemingly born of legend. Then there's the mutant who can't die despite a near constant string of injuries and tries to make that be enough.

Al is a fifteen year old with a history that manages to be worse than the ongoing dominoes of disasters that are her attempts at cobbling together a future. When she was eight years old, her father committed the crime of pater familicide, shooting himself afterwards. Only her mutation kept her alive, and it's been a rough ride since then. Al has messed up a lot trying to keep afloat, gotten into a lot of fights, been in and out of juvie, and depending on who you ask, might've killed someone. That's a long story, and not a path you want to go down. Life is a mess, always, she's always screwing up, there's always a new fight to lose, but that's just due to a profound lack of direction or people to rely on. There's a good heart somewhere in there buried under the layers of swearing, poor life choices and pessimism.

If a pessimist is an optimist broken, Al is an optimist cracked, but not shattered.
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